Kites For Future

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Technology alone is unlikely to be the solution to the climate catastrophe.

However, we try to assist in making the human contribution to greenhouse gases neutral by using

kite generated wind energy

60PWh of electricity per year would be the basis to make the world economy in its current size (including all unneccessary comfort) independent from fossil fuels. We are aiming at providing this enormous amount of electricity at a cost of 0.1 ct per kWh with the following device:
Kite description
A large version should generate 1 MW of electricity, or 8GWh per year, meaning about 8 million of them will be needed globally. (The number of globally installed wind turbines in 2019 was just 0.3 % of what's cumulatively neccessary. source)

We need people who are good at:

- manufacturing
- communication
- electrical engineering
- building strong and light wings
- physics and practical mathematics
- software engineering

If your profession/skillset is not listed but you feel strongly about joining our mission, definitely send us a message! (benjamin (at)

Safety First

The global neccessary amount of 8 million 1MW kites would roughly need 1 million tons of copper in the generators. That's only 2% of the global yearly copper production!

(We estimate that the 23.000 conventional wind turbines built in 2019 used about 5 million tons of steel (200t per wind turbine). The global steel production in 2019 was about 1800 million tons source, thus fully electrifying the world with current wind turbine technology needs roughly 40% of one years global steel production.)
The kites in comparison need hardly any steel.

Yes, here it comes:
0. No time for patent games. Do it open source! Let's all collaborate!
1. Provide cheap electricity
2. Provide synthetic carbon
3. Use excess electricity to remove CO2 (excess, because electricity production is aimed at being cheaper than storage once more)

There are many teams around the world currently trying to generate electricity using kites. See for example the AWEC2020 Teleconference forum for a list.

Then we'll just have a really good electric VTOL plane ;)

Seriously: There is a chance that the whole plan doesn't work! And even if it works, it won't take effect until some years from now.

Quickly reducing CO2 emitting activities to 0 is the most important task for everyone right now.

So please do not wait for a magic solution but stop funding fossil fuel extraction or fossil powered technology and stop using fossil powered things wherever it's possible!